Upcoming Shows

April 30 - Philadelphia, PA - Jamaaladeen Tacuma's Outsider's Festival of Creative and Improvised Music - I'll be performing with a new quartet featuring Brian Marsella, Matt Engle, and Gerald Cleaver. The bill is amazing: https://www.facebook.com/events/202068663619918/

May 4 - Brooklyn, NY - Desertion Trio - Saint Vitus w/Dysrhythmia and Sabbath Assembly

May 18 - Philadelphia, PA - Desertion Trio & Tredici Bacci at The Rotunda

May 21 - Philadelphia, PA - Millevoi/Osborne w/Mako Sica and Valley Exit at Ortlieb's

June 24 - Beacon, NY - Mostly Other People Do the Killing Septet at Howland Cultural Center presented by Elysium Furnace Works

October 7 - New York - NYU - John Zorn's Bagatelles w/Hollen-voi

Past shows:


March 6 - Philadelphia, PA - ASPS presents Archer Spade with Gene Coleman, Franz Hautzinger, and more at Slought Foundation

March 17 - Philadelphia, PA - Fire Museum Presents The Schematics (with Katt Hernandez), Gene Coleman/Nick Millevoi, + one more

March 19 - New York, NY - Many Arms perform on John Zorn's Masada Book 3 Premier Concert at Town Hall

March 22 - Philadelphia, PA - Leyya Tawil's Destroy// w/Julius Masri and Devin Hoff at Mascher Co-op

April 3 - Brooklyn, NY - Archer Spade and Erik Ruin at Silent Barn

April 5 - Philadelphia, PA - ASPS presents Archer Spade and Erik Ruin at The Rotunda with Thollem Mcdonas/Brian Chase

April 6 - Washington, DC - Archer Spade and Erik Ruin at Back Alley Theater with Weed Tree and Pet Bottle Ningen

Solo Tour with Eric Carbonara

April 16 - Pittsburgh, PA - Garfield Artworks
April 18 - Detroit, MI - Trinosophes
April 19 - Chicago, IL - Elastic Arts
April 20 - Lafayette, IN - Black Sparrow Pub
April 21 - Columbus, OH - The Summit
April 22 - Yellow Springs, OH - Vitruvian Brewing Co.
April 24 - Erie, PA - Basement Transmissions
April 25 - State College, PA - Webster's Books
April 26 - Philadelphia, PA - Pageant Gallery

April 28 - New York, NY - Webster Hall (trio with Johnny DeBlase/Kevin Shea)

Many Arms Suspended Defintion Tour:

June 5 - Brooklyn, NY - St. Vitus
June 8 - New Haven, CT - Uncertainty Series
June 9 - Providence, RI - Machines With Magnets
June 10 - Hudson, NY - The Spotty Dog
June 11 - Ithaca, NY - Just Be Cause
June 12 - Pittsburgh, PA - Garfield Art Works
June 14 - Chicago, IL - Elastic Arts
June 16 - Lafayette, IN - Foam City
June 17 - Detroit, MI - Trinosophes
June 18 - Toronto, ON - Geary Lane

July 14 - Brooklyn, NY - w/Brandon Lopez at Silent Barn, w/ Tripping Landlocked Infidels, End Result, Chris Cochrane

July 18 - Philadelphia, PA - w/Zachary Pruitt at Eris Temple, w/Karl 2000, Will Bollinger, Elliot Klein

July 23 - Philadelphia, PA - Form and Mess FIRST SHOW! w/Transmontane, Kippi's, plus one more at West Kensington Ministry

July 24 - Brooklyn, NY - Form and Mess at Don Pedro's w/Transmontane, Kippi's

August 23 - Philadelphia, PA - w/Brandon Lopez at Kung Fu Necktie w/Dama/Libra, U SCO, and Air is Human

August 30 - Philadelphia, PA - BUGOUT! (w/Dan Blacksberg, Julius Masri, Pete McRae, Ricardo Lagomasino) at Pageant Gallery w/Bill Nace/Steve Baczkowski

September 24 - Philadelphia, PA - Ars Nova Workshop and ASPS present Haitian Rail and Dan Blacksberg Trio at The Rotunda

September 25 - Brooklyn, NY - Chris Forsyth's Solar Motel Band at Union Pool

October 26 - Scranton, PA - solo w/Eric Carbonara

November 2 - Brooklyn, NY - Solar Motel Band at Baby's All Right

November 5 - Philadelphia, PA - Solar Motel Band Record Release show at Boot and Saddle

November 7 - Philadelphia, PA - Gene Coleman's Ensemble N_JP at Christ Church Neighborhood House (bowerbird.org)

November 10 - Brooklyn, NY - Archer Spade + Toshimaru Nakamura at Roulette w/Peter Evans Trio

November 11 - Philadelphia, PA - Archer Spade + Toshimaru Nakamura 

November 12-22

December 13 - Long Island City, NY - Archer Spade and Johnny DeBlase's Accelerator at Secret Theater

December 19 - Philadelphia, PA - The Rotunda - A Night for Jack Rose
w/ Solar Motel Band, Glenn Jones, Daniel Bachman, Nathan Bowles, Megajam Booze Band


Chris Forsyth's Solar Motel Tour
January 3 - WASHINGTON DC @ Union Arts
January 4 DURHAM, NC @ The Pinhook
January 5 ASHEVILLE, NC @ The Mothlight
January 6 NASHVILLE, TN @ The Stone Fox
January 8 ATHENS, GA @ Normaltown Hall
January 9 CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA @ Tea Bazaar
January 10 BROOKLYN, NY @ Palisades
January 11 HUDSON, NY @ The Half Moon

January 21 - Brooklyn, NY - Trans Pecos - new trio with Brandon Lopez and Ches Smith w/David Scanlon, Cyrus Pireh, and Brandon Seabrook

Chris Forsyth's Solar Motel Band

February 5 BROOKLYN, NY @ Union Pool
February 6 PHILADELPHIA, PA @ Johnny Brenda’s
February 7 BALTIMORE, MD @ 5th Dimension

Archer Spade Scandinavian Tour

February 18 - Gothenberg, Sweden - Brotz
February 20 - Oslo, Norway - Pizdets
February 22 - Stockholm, Sweden - Fylkingen 

March 8 - Philadelphia, PA - duo with Scott Verrastro, Hypercolor, Bonnie Kane/Dave Miller at First Banana

Solar Motel Band Tour:
March 31-April 5

April 29 - Brooklyn, NY - Archer Spade and Brandon Lopez/Brandon Seabrook/Tyshawn Sorey at Manhattan Inn

July 11 - New Haven, CT - solo at Uncertainty Series at Neverending Books

July 19 - Brooklyn, NY - Millevoi/Lopez/Shea with Lucas Brode, Ava Mendoza, and Kevin Shea at Palisades

July 25-26 - Philadelphia, PA - Archer Spade Presents The Spectrum

July 26 - New York, NY - John Zorn's Bagatelles performed by Matt Hollenberg and Nick Millevoi at The Stone

August 20 - Philadelphia, PA - Solar Motel with Eleventh Dream Day and Rosali at Johnny Brenda's

August 22 - Philadelphia, PA - BugOut! Ensemble (w/Julius Masri, Ashley Tini, Eric Derr, Kyle Press) w/Laughing Eye Weeping Eye, Hallowed Bells, Dripping at ChaChaRazzi

September 19 - Philadelphia, PA - Solar Motel Band plays at Philadelphia Record Exchange 30th anniversary party and at Johnny Brenda's for By My Side benefit

September 20 - Philadelphia, PA - Nick Millevoi and Chris Forsyth flip the script and play Millevoi's jams with Black Spirituals and Taiwan Housing Project at Ortlieb's

October 7 - Philadelphia, PA - Scott Verrastro/Nick Millevoi/Ryan Frazier/Luke Stewart with Hatchers at The Rotunda

December 29 - New York - Matt Hollenberg-Nick Millevoi Quartet (w/ Johnny DeBlase and Kenny Grohowski) play John Zorn's Bagatelles After Dark at The Stone


Sundays in January - Archer Spade Spectrum Ensemble Sunday Matinee Series (see archerspademusic.com for more info)

February 20 - Philadelphia, PA - Matt Hollenberg-Nick Millevoi Quartet (w/ Johnny DeBlase and Jeff Eber) play John Zorn's Bagatelles Presented by Ars Nova Workshop at Johnny Brenda's

March 6 - Brooklyn, NY - Desertion Quartet at Sunwatchers Record Release at Palisades

March 18 - Philadelphia, PA - Chris Forsyth w/Nick Millevoi opening for Tortoise at Underground Arts

March 19 - Queens, NY - Solar Motel Record Release at Trans Pecos

March 26 - Philadelphia, PA - Solar Motel Record Release at PhilaMOCA

April 3 - Philadelphia, PA - Archer Spade + Kud with Sarah Hennies at Vox Populi

April 10 - Philadelphia, PA - Dave Miller w/Nick Millevoi at Spruce Caboose - https://www.facebook.com/events/856905904418382/

April 19 - Philadelphia, PA - Nick Millevoi's BugOut featuring Dan Blacksberg, Ryan Frazier, Julius Masri, Pete McRae, and Nazir Ebo w/Corsano-Flaherty, presented by Fire Museum at the Rotunda - https://www.facebook.com/events/856422354485699/

May 4 - New York - Matt Hollenberg-Nick Millevoi Quartet perform John Zorn's Bagatelles at The Stone

May 13 - Philadelphia, PA -Desertion Duo (w/Johnny DeBlase) w/Dylan Carlson of Earth presented by R5 Productions at the First Unitarian Church

w/Johnny DeBlase on bass and Kevin Shea on drums

June 8th - Hudson, NY - The Spotty Dog w/Slow Collins
June 9th - Toronto, ON - Burn Down The Capital @ Ratio w/Steve Kado and zhang
June 10th - Detroit, MI - Trinosophes w/Ben Miller
June 11th - Chicago, IL - Elastic Arts w/Katherine Young's quartet and Michael Vallera
June 12th - Lafayette, IN - Spot Tavern
June 13th - Columbus, OH - Cara Bar w/Ryan Jewell Quintet, A Beamed Gelling Rose, Faster Island
June 14th - Pittsburgh, PA - City of Asylum 

June 21st - Washington, DC - Desertion Trio (w/Johnny DeBlase and Christopher McDonald on keys) Creative Music in DC - The Preparation at Songbyrd 

June 24 & 25 - Philadelphia, PA - Huddersfield College Music Center and Ars Nova Workshop present The Music of Derek Bailey and Paul Rutherford http://www.arsnovaworkshop.com/events/ping-oldhenceforth-never-compositions-derek-bailey-06-25-2016

July 3 - Brooklyn, NY - Desertion Trio (w/Johnny DeBlase and Christopher McDonald on keys) at Baby's All Right w/Collapsible Shoulder and Tredici Bacci

Sept 7 - New York, NY - David's Harp at The Graduate Center CUNY

Sept 15 - Brooklyn, NY - Desertion Trio (w/Johnny DeBlase and Kevin Shea) at Trans Pecos

Sept 19 - Beacon, NY - Desertion Trio (w/Johnny DeBlase and Kevin Shea) at Quinn's

Sept 30 - Brooklyn, NY - Chris Forsyth & the Solar Motel Band at The Bell House w/Yonatan Gat

Oct 6 - Philadelphia, PA - Quartet w/Elliott Levin, Rick Iannacone, and Scott Verastro at The Pharmacy w/Cyrus Pireh, Kyle Press

Oct 14 - Philadelphia, PA - Trio w/Brian Osborne and Daniel Levine at Vox Populi

Oct 20 - Philadelphia, PA - Chris Forsyth & the Solar Motel Band at The Fillmore w/Umphrey's McGee

Oct 22 - Brooklyn, NY - John Zorn's Ultimate Bagatelles Marathon - I'll be playing with Hollenberg-Millevoi Quartet. All the details here: https://nationalsawdust.org/event/john-zorns-ultimate-bagatelles-marathon/

Dec 11 - Philadelphia, PA - Desertion Trio (w/Johnny DeBlase and Kevin Shea) at Johnny Brenda's, presented by Ars Nova Workshop. Also featuring Nels Cline/Gerald Cleaver/Larry Ochs.


Jan 23 - Philadelphia, PA -  Duo w/Brian Osborne at Kung Fu Necktie with Horse Torso and Night Raids

Sun    Jan 29 Richmond - The Camel
Mon   Jan 30 Raleigh - Kings
Tues  Jan 31 Atlanta - The Earl
Wed   Feb 1  Athens - Caledonia Lounge
Thurs Feb 2  Birmingham - Hoover Library
Fri     Feb 3  Nashville - Blackbird Tattoo
Sat     Feb 4  Asheville - Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center
Sun    Feb 5  Charlottesville - Magnolia House 

Feb 9 - Philadelphia, PA - Lonnie Holley and Ominous Cloud at PhilaMOCA

Feb 11 - Brooklyn, NY - Desertion Trio w/Johnny DeBlase and Kevin Shea) plays Sound it Out Series at Greenwich House.

Feb 18 - Philadelphia, PA - Mostly Other People Do the Killing presented by Ars Nova Workshop

March 9 - Philadelphia, PA - BugOut at Spruce Caboose w/Faun and a Pan Flute and Cata Mtn Mouth