Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Make A Rising

There's a new Make A Rising EP available over at We worked on writing and rehearsing this music for over a year, practicing 3 times a week most weeks before going into the studio last February to record the basic tracks. Since then, Jesse has been working on producing it, adding tons of synths, vocals, percussion, and other instruments and now it's finally finished.

Jesse moved to LA last March to work for Adventure Time and we haven't played since. I'm not sure what Make A Rising will do or be in the future, but these recordings stand as a great studio statement on what we were. Before I joined the band, Make A Rising were my favorite band and I think the second MAR album, Infinite Ellipse, is one of the greatest rock albums ever recorded, so it's totally my honor to finally have the music we worked on together released. Someday, maybe we'll work together on a triple album.