Monday, February 13, 2012

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New review posted this weekend for Black Figure of a Bird:

Nick Millevoi – Black Figure Of A Bird (2011)

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When I was very young, I’d pick up my brother’s guitar or tap on my mom’s
piano just to try to see what kind of cool sounds I could get out of them. I
wasn’t concerned about notes, chords or songs, I merely wanted to get the
 things to make some sort of resonance that would resonate with me. Nick
Millevoi looks for the same primal satisfaction from his 12-string guitar but
 with informed with technical mastery for his solo release Black Figure Of 
A Bird. Millevoi, as our fringe music lover audience might recall, co-leads a
 free metal-jazz trio called Many Arms and about a year ago we put an ear 
on their second album Missing Time.
Millevoi’s new solo record, as indicated above, was recorded entirely and
only with a 12-string guitar, using different tunings and no discernable effects,
except on “Nothing Forms A Liquid”. The whole record feels created on the
spot and probably was, as songs are coherent in mood but are otherwise
unstructured and unpredictable. Most of the half dozen pieces are fairly brief,
save for “What Sunlight Does Make It Through” and “Nothing Forms A Liquid.”
The former basks in rich chords shimmering from 12 strings that for a moment
corrodes into slashing strums before returning to the calm. The latter track
explores chiming sounds that somewhat resembles a glockenspiel, exploring
the space between the notes as much as the notes themselves. “Life In Ice”
 alternates among strident strums, pensive staccato lines and Bruce Eisenbeil-
styled string scraping. On “Warm Green Discs,” light and fleet fingerings share
space with forceful strumming of alien chords. “Bruxer” (video below) is an
intense eighty-eight second ride on the metallic side.
Clocking in at less than 26 minutes, Black Figure Of A Bird comprises more
of a short story than a novel. Nonetheless, it’s s fascinating look into the music
of Nick Millevoi at its naked core.
Black Figure Of A Bird released last September 11 as one of the inaugural releases
of New Atlantis Records. Visit Nick Millevoi’s blog.