Thursday, April 19, 2012

Home At Last

I'm back from a 22-day Many Arms tour, which on every level was the best tour I've ever gone on. I'm looking forward to doing it again. The high point of the tour was probably our Chicago show at Treasure Town when a bunch of kids rushed the stage after the first song to high five us, but there were plenty of other really high points too so it's hard to decide. The weirdest point was probably in Athens, GA, when we played with these dudes:

We've got a mini-tour coming up in June based around the Suoni Per Il Popolo festival in Montreal and then in October we will be heading to Europe.

Our album is officially released on April 24 and we've been getting some press, which is all up on the Many Arms site. But a short re-cap:

Interview I did with Haven Advocate where I mention the power of rock and roll:,0,3345598.story

Write up in the Village Voice: 

Short review in SPIN:

A few other things have been going on. Rhymes With Opera premiered my piece for 3 singers in March, "Truth Will Lie Between." There should be video to this coming soon as I wrote some staging directions, but here's the audio. The text is based on something I really like.

Looking forward to the release of In White Sky, which will be released on Flenser Records. More info on that soon! Also, just got the final mixes of the album I recorded with Ed Ricart, Travis Laplante, and Ches Smith. Jason LaFarge did a really great job making it sound amazing, we're looking for a label now, so no details on a release yet.