Saturday, June 23, 2012


Many Arms just got back from a short tour up north. When we were in Toronto, our good friend Colin Fisher sat in on tenor sax for our set and destroyed. We're going to be recording in January and we're SO STOKED to rock with Colin this time around.

I received my test copy of In White Sky today and it sounds awesome. No official release date soon, but keep an eye here and at The Flenser for some news.

Also, Haitian Rail, the album I did with Ed Ricart, Travis Laplante, and Ches Smith, will be released in early 2013 on Gaffer Records on LP!

Many Arms got a great review in Dusted by Brad Cohan and Black Figure of a Bird was just reviewed along side the other New Atlantis releases on Terrascope. Johnny DeBlase's Quartet album, Composites, was reviewed over at Something Else!, home of one of my favorite music columns, Steely Dan Sunday.