Friday, December 21, 2012

End of the year post

As 2013 gets close, I just want to catch anyone who's interested up to date on what I've ben up to.

Last week I went on a short tour with Keir Neuringer around New England. When we stopped in at the Spotty Dog in Hudson, NY, my set was recorded for free103.9. Check it out here:

For the tour, I mostly played pieces from my album, In White Sky, but for this set I played a new set that I've been slowly working on. In April, I'll be touring the West Coast playing these two sets of material with Ryan Miller and Ava Mendoza's Unnatural Ways.

This year Many Arms released our self-titled third album on Tzadik (which was just included in SPIN's 20 Best Avant Albums of the Year). Starting on New Year's day, we'll be putting the final touches on a set of music we've collaborated on with Colin Fisher playing tenor sax. We'll perform at the Rotunda in Philly on January 4th and then head into Red Planet Studio with Eric Carbonara to record.

In April, we'll be working on another collaborative project with Toshimaru Nakamura where we'll be creating new music together, which will then be performed and recorded.

Archer Spade recently performed some new music and I'll be uploading some to our new site soon. Check it out if you haven't had a chance:

While you're there, check out the ASPS page, where you can see the schedule for the Archer Spade Performance Series, a new monthly series that Dan Blacksberg and I are curating at Studio 34 in West Philadelphia (and occasional other venues). We're really happy to be able to put these shows together and have some exciting bills planned.

If you're looking for guitar pedals that are hand made, priced really reasonably, and sound great, be sure to check out TSVG Pedals. The site features videos of me playing each of the TSVG pedals. It was a lot of fun getting to turn up and rock out for these videos.

In April, Haitian Rail, the Millevoi/Ricart Quartet album featuring Travis Laplante and Ches Smith will be released on Gaffer Records. Sometime around then will also see the release of Dan Blacksberg's Hassidic Doom record on Tzadik, which features Dan on trombone, myself and Yoshie Fruchter on guitars, Johnny DeBlase on electric bass, and Eli Litwin on drums.

I'll leave you with my two favorite Christmas jams:

Happy New Year's - see you soon!