Friday, March 17, 2017

Your Cheatin Heart


The first time I played this song was from a copy of a handwritten chart of Bill Frisell’s that Dan Blacksberg brought back from a summer program in college. I realized that learning country tunes was just as cool as learning jazz tunes and went on a bender learning songs by Hank and Willie.

I just learned from Wikipedia that “Your Cheatin Heart” was the B-side to “Kaw-Liga,” which seems completely ridiculous now (if you don’t know that song, give a listen and you’ll get why). This song was recorded in September 1952 and released in January 1953, shortly after Williams’ death on New Years. The original recording features Chet Atkins on lead guitar.

I have a real thing for jazz and r&b versions of country tunes. I really dig the Ray Charles version from 1962: and the James Brown version from 1969’s Soul on Top: “Can ya feel it?”

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Posted by Nick Millevoi on Friday, March 17, 2017